What People Say About Us

"I found the quality of the content, presenters and fellow attendees to be fantastic!" - Past Attendee
"The whole event was excellent and provided exceptional value. The hotel was outstanding and a great choice for this conference." - Past Attendee
"Great variance between small and large partnerships and scalability." - Past Attendee
"Loved the variety of topics, speakers and attendees at the Congress." - Past Attendee
"Well organized, powerful line up of speakers that were available during the conference, not just when they presented!" - Past Attendee
"The speakers were right on. Every session allowed me to take home tools to put into practice right away." - Past Attendee
"What was great was that corporate presenters and attendees were open to setting up meetings with properties after the conference!" - Past Attendee
" 'The Two Minute Pitch' (now a 'Five Minute Pitch') helped me to clearly see how others pitched, their strengths and weaknesses and how sponsors are evaluating. This session alone was worth the price of the conference!" - Past Attendee
"For the first time ever, and I have been to a lot of conferences over the years, this is the only one where I really felt I got my money's worth. I will definitely be back!" - Past Attendee
"This conference offers the best networking with sponsors and properties I have encountered anywhere." - Past Attendee
“ 'The Two Minute Pitch' (now a 'Five Minute Pitch') was the best session I have ever been to!" - Past Attendee
"Best conference I have attended in years. Amazing! I will be back next year." - Past Attendee
"Thank you for putting together such a useful and informative conference! The variety in workshops and in guests made it both interesting and educational." - Past Attendee
"Valued the opportunity to learn from sponsors/donors in what they are looking for in a proposal."
- Past Attendee
"Wonderful learning and networking...make it 3 days!" - Past Attendee