Sponsorship 101 Bootcamp

Sponsorship 101 (1).png

This bootcamp will be insightful for both those on the selling side of the sponsorship game as properties and rights holders as well as those on the buying side… the sponsors. It will include elements around:

  • Understanding that there is an art and science to the modern sponsorship game

  • Overview of the differences and similarities between sponsorship marketing, philanthropy and CSR

  • Industry definitions

  • Understanding activation and other key elements of successful sponsorship

  • Review and comprehension roles of the property and of the sponsor

  • The importance of and approaches to measuring ROI

  • Managing the everchanging playfield

  • Proposal development approaches by the properties and proposal review objectives by the sponsors

Instructor: Brent barootes

This half day bootcamp is a great start to the WSC® Alberta Forum or a fantastic stand alone professional development opportunity for those new to sponsorship (less than 2 years). It is also a great refresher for more seasoned industry professionals in our ever-changing and evolving industry. Sponsorship expert Brent Barootes of Partnership Group - Sponsorship Specialists®, will lead this session.

Whether you are new to the industry (less than 2 years); if you have staff that are new to the industry; or you have staff that are doing sponsorship part time along with other responsibilities or even if you are a seasoned veteran, this bootcamp will deliver results and terrific ROI. It will provide the more experienced delegates the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and pick up a few things as well as provide input and experiential points of view to the session overall. For the newer industry professionals, it will help to clarify terminology, focus and direction as well as provide tools and opportunities for them to grow and develop beyond the session itself. 

Please note that this workshop is not included in your general congress registration and must be added separately.