Reality Check

A frank discussion about the big picture of sponsorship

This is not your typical keynote session. Come prepared to share your experiences, frustrations and questions around this topic and to help work towards some solutions.  This interactive session will feature two industry thought leaders sharing their insights on why asks fall short even though they seem to tick all the boxes.  Is it easier for brands to create and activate their own assets with better ROI than by partnering with a pro sport team, non-profit or charity , venue, member organization or arts organization? Are there bigger systemic issues with the present sponsorship model than valuations, lexicon and ROI? If so what are they, how do we change them and what do we change them to? Come prepared to be challenged, to be taken out of your comfort zone and to have a ton of fun and learning all in one session. A fun way to meet new colleagues while sharing ideas and thinking through how you can improve your ask.