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Know what your customers want before they do.

Jim loves data. In 1990 founded infoDATA Marketing Research specializing in competitive intelligence and distribution of Statistics Canada data. In 1996 Jim was appointed Census Commissioner during national census. Concurrently he launched eBO2, an online publishing platform that licensed and distributed data and content to over 300 Internet Service Providers worldwide.

As a former founder and Vice President of an ad agency Jim was adamant about making strategic decisions for his clients based on the best available data.  The problem is, the best data was too expensive, available only to the Fortune 500 (or companies that could afford it), or even new it existed. 

Jim's goal is to change that and make big data accessible to SME's and organizations that increasingly need to make better decisions to remain competitive and serve their stakeholders more effectively.  As a result, he founded diD Analytics. The company helps organizations target the right customers and predict and influence consumer behaviour by using multiple data sources to create rich consumer profiles. 

In the sponsorship world, when you profile your audience and know what brands they buy, how much they spend, how they think and live, you're armed with data to help you find and partner with the right sponsors, add value, create incredible experiences and develop longstanding relationships with all stakeholders.