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Alison hagan

Director, development

Alison loves working in events. Despite the long days and early hours, Alison thrives on the adrenaline of creating an exciting event experience for participants in the Johnson MS Bike and Jayman BUILT MS Walk.

Alison has worked at the MS Society for 20 years, starting as an event coordinator organizing port-o-potties to now overseeing all fundraising events including sponsorship for Alberta. She has great staff who support her in running the 13 walks and 3 bike tours in Alberta & NWT.

When Alison is not working, she is trying to figure out the world’s problems by being a member of The Human Venture. However, she has not come up with any solutions. She is also the Board Chair for Edmonton Story Slam, a five minute story competition held once a month in a small pub.  She does try to mountain and road bike, and has not died yet from these activities.